Pound Poker

There are many places online where you can play poker in dollars.  After all the dollar is the world’s currency.  For us in the England or the UK, it makes more sense to play pound poker though.  Its easy to work out exactly the amount you are playing for.  In the recent past, the pound bought almost 2 dollars but now its around $1.60.

So where as in the past a $1/$2 blind table used to equate to a 50p/£1 table its much different now.  Wouldn’t be life easier if you could play 50 pence/ one pound blinds on a poker table?  Well Sky Poker offer pound poker on their tables.

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Sky Poker is part of the best known media company in the UK.  Sky TV has its own poker channel which promotes Sky Poker.  With its size, you can be sure their poker tables are full of players to play against.

Sky Poker offer a sign up bonus of £500 and then a poker monthly bonus depending on the amount you play. The bigger the stakes, the bigger your monthly bonus will be.  The more poker points you earn, the higher your bonus is.

Sky Poker is instant play, you don’t need to download any software.  The no-download version also means you can play on Linux and MAC. All you need is a flash player.

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